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Levitin is a good resource to learn the subject.

Lectures & Tests

Lecture material and timelines for the current semester are on the calendar page.

Sample tests from previous semesters click here

Textbook Exercises

The exercises are a necessary component of the course where significant learning happens, much like math courses. Otherwise, no lecturing, observation, or explanations can alone transfer the requisite detailed knowledge, skills, and attitudes. A tutorial is offered during practical sessions to help.

A student once complained about having to do these mind-numbing exercises. Let me assure you that no minds were harmed due to these exercises, to my knowledge.

Programming Exercises

Small programming tasks designed to develop insights into logic and build certain practical experiences to help better understand core issues.


An opportunity to explore empirical analysis (sample project from previous semesters).


My Web Links

Some links may require Java

  1. al Khawarizmi: contribution to modern computing
  2. Wolfram Mathworld: exampleexampleexample
  3. Sorting visualizations
  4. Sorting Out Sorting: must-see classic visualization video

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