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About Homework Exercises

Updated Tuesday January 26, 2021 10:33 AM GMT+3

How it Works

Starting Week 3, students submit weekly assigned exercises from sections covered in the previous week. In Week 3, for example, students should submit assigned problems from Sections 2.1–2.3, since we cover those sections in Week 2 (see the teaching schedule). The practical session in that week provides a tutorial based on these exercises.

Note that there are two sets of assigned exercises. Problems in the second set ask students to provide some intellectual input. They incorporate a programming component appropriate to an algorithms course (i.e., logic-before-code, opposite to a typical programming course). We will grade an unannounced random sample of 3 exercises from the second set separately according to a published rubric. We use these exercises to report back on HVCLO-15 (design an algorithm to solve a problem based on requirements, or solution description, or outline of steps).


Paper submission in the practical session. For online submission, upload before the session (timestamps will show). Check with your lab instructor to know which submission mode will apply for your semester.


The most valuable learning happens while working on the exercises, much like most STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) courses. As a bonus for us instructors, those exercises provide a rich source for exams (after we change them a bit, of course). For best results, attempt exercises within days of related lectures. Attending lectures, paying attention, and taking notes should help.


Find the exercises in the textbook at the end of sections. Check the assignment page for assigned ones.