10% of Final Grade
-2 for late sign-up

This is a cooperative assignment. Do not seek outside help. Ask me or your classmates for help.

In Brief
Contributions that count
  • Addition
  • Elaboration
  • Critique/correction
  • Example
  • Reasoning
  • Insight
  • Connection

Do not pretend that someone else's words are yours!

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The Assignment

Your contribution to the discussion should reflect the quality of your reading, understanding, and interaction with both the discussion and the material.

new For the reading assignment discussion (not general discussion): you must only use your own words. You may share material only if you: a) put the information in your own words, and b) show your reference if it is outside the assigned material.

Check current course calendar for material and schedules.


Generally, you can post (add) any message related to the discussion subject. I may post a few questions to start off the discussion. Feel free to add your own topics.

However, to count, your post must be one of the following:

  • Add an interesting point for discussion (fact, observation, conclusion, further investigation of discussion material, or similar).
  • Explain or extend someone else's point (there must be clear added-value).
  • Correct a mistake or a misconception, or offer a critical commentary (critique).
  • Construct an example to illustrate a point.
  • Discuss a design feature or comment on design choices (explain the reasoning involved).
  • Offer an insight (a statement or a question which sheds new light or opens up a new direction or brings about a useful realization).
  • Make a connection with another point from the course or from a previous course.

Discussion Rules

  1. This is a class discussion not a social forum, therefore
    • You must use your full real name ("First Last" is enough). For example, Muhammad Al-Hashimi.
    • Conversation level should be the same as in class.
  2. Keep the assignment discussion within the assigned reading material. The General Discussion is a better place for interesting but off-topic discussions.
  3. You are responsible for any post under your name (keep the password to yourself).
  4. In general, do not cut-and-paste material. Link to the original information source (paste link).
    It's very important that we all know where your words and thoughts end, and where other people's words and thoughts begin.
  5. Posts in Arabic or English are acceptable.

Evaluation (Grades)

Your contributions will be evaluated both for quality and quantity. Most importantly, your posts must show that you have:

  • Done an acceptable job reading the material
  • new Used your own words
  • Contributed to the learning of the group

Posts such as "yes/no", "OK", "I agree", "that's good" or similar are welcome but will not count for grades.

Grading guide (3-5 must clearly show reading):

5 Best interaction, best contribution to group learning
4 Good interaction, added-value
3 Good evidence of reading
2 Minimal interaction and/or little evidence of reading
1 One-sided multiple (2+) posts
0 No or minimal participation (0-1 post), or not your words

Negative Bonus

To discourage negative practices while keeping the discussion as free as possible, there will be -2 points added to your bonus account for each (different) violation of the rules on this page and the netiquette guidelines for group discussions.

review the rules carefully yourself. If necessary, ask questions in the General Discussion.