Advanced Analysis of Algorithms Programming Startup Guide

Updated Sunday September 4, 2022 9:56 AM GMT+3

Install Tools

Test Run First Exercise

  1. Load test page
  2. Press F12 to access the developer tools
  3. Switch to Console panel
    you should see a list size and some timing info, may need to reload by pressing Ctrl+R

    Start Dev Tools

Download & Run from Your Machine

  1. Create a folder in your desktop
    you can download and keep your code anywhere you want
  2. Download first exercise code to your folder
    you need to download both demo.html and sortdemo.js (right-click link, select Save Link As...)
  3. Drag-drop demo.html from code folder to browser window
    If necessary, press F12 and reload from Console panel

Change Program

  1. Run Notepad, open the file sortcomp.js
    launch quickly via +R, type: notepad Enter
  2. Change the list size
    Find the line, change value of size and save

  3. Reload page to see new run timing (assuming demo.html is already loaded and console panel is active)
    Notepad is ok for a quick edit but isn't really suitable for serious coding. Use a proper programming environment like Visual Studio Code instead.

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